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Welcome to my blog!

Dear Sisters and Brothers,

I’m happy to welcome you to my new blog! My name is Ayana Ife. I am a Fashion Designer and Entrepreneur. I recently recovered from #Covid19 which was an ordeal, but renewed my sense of purpose. I am more determined than ever to work hard and make my dreams a reality.

My passion? All things fashion... with a very special interest in MODEST FASHION. I have worn Modest clothing my entire life. Growing up Muslim, I needed to cover my body more than the average American girl. I always felt left out by the shortage of fashionable modest clothing available to young women. I often had to alter what was in clothing stores to make my outfits more appropriate, or completely sew my own clothes.

Behind the Scenes. Creating Ayana Ife Activewear 2021

Sketch for Ayana Ife Active 2021

My goal for 2021 is to launch a successful Modest Fashion Clothing Brand for women like myself who are underserved by the mainstream clothing industry. This precious brand is dear to my heart. It will be a modest activewear label which uses all sustainable materials, and is manufactured here in the United States.

Prototyping for Ayana Ife Activewear 2021

There's more! If you are interested in inspiring weekly content, help with wardrobe styling, hijab tutorials, lifestyle hacks, fashion industry updates, sewing tips, crafting tips, and more, then look no further!

Modest Fashion by Ayana Ife

Follow along, like, share, and keep coming back for more amazing insights. Let’s get started. With Love, from Ayana Ife


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