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What is Modest Fashion?

Hi Sisters and Brothers. Happy Sunday and welcome back!

Have you ever been asked a question that seemed obvious to you but may not have been obvious to others? I bet you have!

Well that's the case for our new series because Modest Designer Ayana Ife has been wearing modest fashion her entire life. Throughout the years she has received this question over and over again, and now she is excited to bring you an engaging series of short and sweet content.

In this informative video series Ayana Ife provides answers and insights to frequently asked questions about Modest Fashion.

Today's question is 'WHAT IS MODEST FASHION?'

If there are questions you need answers to, ask away! If you like what you see, subscribe, share, and come back for more.


Modesty is subjective. Interpreted differently depending on context, background, religion, culture, lifestyle etc. Women dress modestly in so many ways. Notice the distressing in her boyfriend jeans (pictured above) are lined. The lining gives her the amount of coverage she needs to represent her particular modesty values.

Modest fashion can reflect Religion and Culture. Look how this Muslim woman is a representation of her faith in this stylish modest evening gown.

Yes! Modesty in activewear. Notice how her workout shirt (pictured above) comes below her hips to provide more coverage while in the gym. Chic. Modern. Modest


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