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Am I Too Old To Wear This?

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As far as I am concerned, there is no such thing as ‘age appropriate’ when it comes to women's clothing. There is no cut off point for wearing fuchsia, or ruffles!

Now I am not saying to run and grab the first neon item you see and head for the door, but I would like to offer some perspective on the topic of 'Am I too old to wear this? 'Here's what to consider when deciding if there is a cut off point for the things you love to wear.

Personal Taste

First and foremost you should always wear what makes you feel great. Clothing is a form of nonverbal communication which sends a message about who we are to those around us before we say a word. Although wearing clothing may be essential in the mainstream human world (for practicality and health etc. etc.), there are no rules saying that what we wear can’t give us awesome feelings. The right outfit will put an extra spring in your step, build your confidence, and ultimately improve your day.

Have you ever got dressed up and felt really great about yourself? Then caught a glance of yourself in the mirror while you were out and about? Didn't it boost your spirits to see how good you looked?

Body Shape

Love the body you are in, that is the priority. Once you can identify your shape: pear, hourglass etc. you are on your way.


Next is understanding your proportions, whether short torso, top heavy, petite, long legs etc. this will give you more self-trust when styling your outfits.

*For example: I have broad shoulders. To balance my shoulders I am wearing a dress with fullness at the hips. Does it make sense?

How much of it?

Always dress with intention. Do you love bright colors, or bold prints?

Decide if you will wear a pop of color as an accessory, jewelry, shoes, hat or purse.

Try styling your entire outfit around a pair of yellow slacks to celebrate your long legs, or wear a full monochromatic navy look for emphasis, or mix three prints into one look. You decide.


What kind of event is it? Casual, corporate, special occasion:? Will you be preppy, minimalistic, glam? Dress accordingly while adding your personal flair.


At the end of the day there is no age limit to what you can wear. It's all about personal taste. That being said, understanding your body shape and proportions will take your look to the next level.

Also, plan your outfit in advance. I swear by a dress rehearsal!!! It really is my secret weapon. When you plan ahead, you give yourself time to try out new styles, push more boundaries, and you take the last minute ‘I have nothing to wear hassle’ out of your life. A stress reducer for sure. Works every time!

I hope you will have some fun and experiment with your next outfit. Tag me if you do @ayanaife and mention this blog post.


Ayana Ife


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