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Essential Steps

Updated: Apr 28, 2023

And just like that, the 2022 season comes to an end. We made it! As we near the end of December, I’m taking a moment to go over the events of this year. Evaluate, reflect, give thanks, and make plans for 2023 🗓

2022 was an interesting challenge in that this year I began my search for the perfect investor(s) for @ayanaactive. This required extensive research, for both the product pitch, as well as the anticipated answers to question investors may have. To tackle this feat I used consultations, planning, practice, and a lot of guts.

This year I also moved to Danville Pennsylvania and began a new chapter in my life where balance between work and play is a priority. And even more importantly, I opened an atelier to create high end custom modest bridal gowns.

Entrepreneurship comes with a special set of ups and downs. Tenacity and a positive outlook are a must. I’m so grateful for the lesson of resilience and perseverance. I’m also really proud of myself for networking, accepting help, hiring help, and pitching to our very first investor for @ayanaactive.

And while I want to focus on bringing you sustainable modest activewear next year (we secured our first investor with help from the SBDC!)

...I’m excited to bring you more custom bridal gowns as well. Brides of 2023, Let me make your dreams come true at

What was your 2022 like? Any lessons, growth, accomplishments, or wins you want to share? Cheers to a brighter, happier, more fulfilled, and more lucrative New Year!!! Happy 2023

With light and love,



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