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Hello Sunday Feature

Updated: May 9, 2023

Dear Sisters and Brothers,

I’ve done many interviews before, but this one is particularly special because it’s about my faith.

Wearing a custom sheath style Ayana Ife gown in red lace

All of you know that I am Muslim, however it is a rare occurrence that I am asked in an interview about the role my faith plays in my ambitions, work ethic, and ultimately the way I live my life.

I grew up post 9/11 terror attacks on the World Trade Center which ultimately shaped the view Americans have towards Muslims. Especially Muslim women like myself who choose to wear outward forms of devotion like Hijab.

Ayana Ife age 9

I was raised to smile and wave. Return hatred with kindness and always try to make people feel comfortable in my presence.

Now as an adult, a practicing Muslim woman, I am constantly in awe of how my friends and family of other faiths (Christian, Mormon, Jewish etc.) practice freely and outwardly without stigma and ‘universal’ biases tying them to the crimes of others.

Engaging conversation with host Scout Smith

Doing this interview with Hello Sunday was literally a breath of fresh air. So positive, so profound. Me: A Muslim women. PROUD. Sharing my gifts and lessons with the world. Faith & Fashion.

I hope you will tune in to Hello Sunday today at 1:30pm EST to catch this profound conversation. I hope you are inspired to live your life more authentically, and be proud of all of who you are.

Yours Truly,

Ayana Ife


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